Timothy L. Warner, P.E. (Tim)

David R. Hollowell (Rick)

· Over 20 years’ experience in broadcast engineering, cellular networks and RF devices. 
· Performs interference assessments within the transportation, energy and medical industries. 
· Consultant to medium wave broadcast stations across three continents. 
· Testified in hearings on safety and facility permit applications. 
· PhD dissertation was on Brillouin scattering of RF light pulses in optical fibers. 
· DAS experience includes over 100 facilities including a Fortune 500 company. 
· Licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical) in North and South Carolina, Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Illinois and Minnesota.
· A member of SBE, NSPE, PENC, IEEE and AFCCE. 

Our Leadership Team

Christopher K. Horne, P.E. (Chris)

· Over  35 years of experience in cable and broadcast system design.
· Over 25 years of experience with wireless and DAS system  design.
· An active leader in the wireless broadband engineering community since 1990.
· Extensive experience with the history, evolution, regulation and utilization of the BRS and EBS bands (2496 - 2690 MHz).
· Involved with the recent BRS and EBS spectrum transition for a majority of markets in the United States.
· Former Vice President of Cable Engineering: The Village Companies, Chapel Hill, NC.
· Former system engineer: Prime Cable, L.P., Chapel Hill, NC.
· Senior Member, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.
· Active Member, Society of Broadcast Engineers.
· Eagle Scout.

· Over thirty five years of experience in broadcast facility engineering; over twenty five years in wireless system engineering.
· Consultant to the broadcast, cable and wireless broadband industry since 1979.
· A member of the National Radio Systems Committee, Digital Radio Subcommittee, since 1995.
· A senior member of IEEE. Member of AFCCE, SBE, NSPE and PENC.

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